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New to site? Welcome them!

Have an offer? Catch their attention!

Deliver Update? Let them know!

Have some News? Inform them!

Organizing an Event? Invite them!


Gone are days of dull, uninteresting push messages.

Create something interesting and actionable with Feedify. Add images, icons, emojis, action buttons and an interesting crisp text that pops and shines on the subscriber’s device.


Initiate a Drip Notifications Campaign and automate an engagement for every new visitor that comes to your site.
Pour in a pre-defined stream of Notification at regular intervals and kick-start real time engagement.


Keep a track of your performance with rich analytics that measure user interaction.

Compare the performance of various campaigns & discover what works best for you!

More than what meets the eye

Feedify is the powerhouse of Features

Inbuilt Templates

Banner Notifications

Action Buttons




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